Teaching and Workshops FAQ

Do I need to bring anything with me?

No, I provide all tools and materials needed for all my courses. It will help to bring sketches or photos to inspire ideas for your print, but if you can’t then not to worry as I also supply books and work for inspiration. I do supply cheap communal watercolours for my Japanese woodblock courses, but if you prefer to have a personal palette, you may like to bring your own selection of tubes of watercolours (not pans).

Do I need to design my print ahead of time?

No, each course works to a template size and I always discuss designing for the class one to one with each pupil to ensure a suitable choice of design for the time allowed. By all means do some sketching, but don’t go too far as you may have to re-work your ideas to fit with the workshop’s timescale. The exception to this rule is my advanced course in woodblock where I may send you some specific details of preparation work required.

What’s the difference between a group course and a one to one?

Pretty much the same as the difference between and aerobics class and a session with personal trainer: one to ones focus entirely on you with me as your teacher and technician. We arrange the day around your needs and interests. This is particularly true in the case of linocut as my group classes use the same set of colours for their prints, while I will mix colour to order for a one to one as well as teaching more advanced printing effects.

Can I print at home after the course?

Yes, I won’t teach anything that you can’t do at home. All courses come with a fact sheet and my lino course comes with instructions for building a simple tabletop registration device for colour printing (I also sell the device at courses if you fancy one ready-made).

Will I need to take notes?

No, I provide very detailed factsheets with full list of kit, techniques, suppliers and bibliography. The exception again is my advanced course for woodblock which is more technical.

Where do I buy kit?

My fact sheets have a supplier list, but I also sell ‘instant gratification’ starter kits for woodblock and registration devices for printing colour linocut.

Does it matter if I’m a complete novice?

Not at all: I keep my classes very friendly and supportive and always enjoy introducing starters to printmaking. Never be afraid to ask for repeat explanations or demonstrations if you don’t understand the first time. I’m very happy to take my time to make sure you understand and are comfortable with the process.

Can I take photos or film you?

Yes absolutely, but check with your fellow students before you include them in any pictures as they may not wish to be filmed or photographed.

Why are your advanced courses only open to people who have done your woodblock course?

There are several Japanese woodblock courses available which teach variations of the technique. I teach traditional, authentic Japanese woodblock and I need to make sure all students have the basics of the traditional technique so that everyone is at a similar starting point.

Why are there additional expenses for your courses?

Why I charge expenses.