Artist’s Statement


I am primarily interested by shape and colour. My personal work focuses on rural landscape as I am fascinated by its pattern, light, weather and seasonality. It’s the perfect raw material for me: local, familiar and in a constant state of change.

My printmaking and my public art techniques of enamelling and cut metal work are demanding processes and I thrive on the tension between what I want to say and how I can say it within the boundaries of process. I’m at my happiest when I’m exploring and I try never to get too comfortable either with my images or my technical skills. Teaching and sharing skills are an important part of my work and development; I reap huge benefits from working with all levels of learners as well as collaborating with experts.

I’m not so much interested in an accurate depiction of a particular place, more I want to evoke a feel for the familiar and loved, perhaps a type of day or season. Mostly I am looking for ways of saying space and distance, though I’m still working on language for the simpler things too. I want to jog memories in my viewer of places they’ve been, walks they’ve taken or weather they’ve experienced. When I see recognition dawn, I know I’m getting it right.